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IoT Technology

(Internet of Things)

IoT means Internet of Things, it ts the technology that allows connecting everything to the internet. Our technology and prioprietary firmware allows us to connect any machine or device to the cloud online. From there, we can measusre, register, atuomate and predict behaviors and patterns of the conneced device / machine. All of this information is made available to you through a specialized app. These apps are both mobile and PC friendly, they include dashboards customized to predict and alert maintenance needs, push notifications and allow remote control or automated in industrial processes. IoT is Big Data, by allowing minute to minute registries on the cloud, making it possible to determine patterns and define efficient processes, prevent failure and keep maintenance up.
The biggest advantage of IoT is the WiFi connectivity to the cloud, meaning any existing WiFi connection can be used to connect.
IoT offers the opportunity to create added value, competitive edge and innovation. Introduce IoT in your processes, products or to your customers and develop new business models and income sources.
4WiFi IoT
Internet of things allows sending and receiving information using light and efficient protocols, one of the most convenient ways to do so is through WiFi networks, all you need is a common router. This technology sends short messages through the internet by SSL protocol, this allows messages to be registered in a server on the cloud. This means continuous reporting so that decisions can be made with fresh information
5Prioprietary Firmware
We developed our own firmware, which we install in all of our machines, capable of reporting messages and alerts to our server from which we take the necessary information for you to see usable data and make decisions. Concat us for a diagnostic and discovery visit of opportunities and new business models for your company. Our technology can be applied to increase sales for your company.

Pattent in Process

100% Colombian Technology

All of our machines are made in Colombia.


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