Reinventamos las vending machines y las conectamos a internet

Vending Anything Machines

We design and manufacture custom vending machines, suitable for any product, adapted to accept various electronic payment methods such as credit cards, virtual wallets, bitcoins, tweets, etc.

Cost Efficient Machines

Our machines cost about one sixth of a traditional vending machine’s cost.

Prioprietary IoT Technology

We use IoT (Internet of Things) technology to connect our machines to the internet and enable / process payments fot your products.

Online to Offline

Our machines are the perfect element to link your online strategy with the offline setting. We are able to launch and process discounts for tweers and handout merchandise to acquire leads.

Vending machines starting at $5'000.000 plus tax

Traditional store vs. Anything Vending Machine

Traditional Store vs. A sale on our Sell Anything Machine

A place of business with $5.000.000COP of set monthly expenses is about $60.000.000COP annually + retail space cosmetic adjustments (roughly $40.000.000COP = $100.000.000COP gone in th first year.

$100.000.000COP in our vending machines represent 9 POS open 24/7, representing a much wider reach than just one retail space.

Conventional Retail Space

Traditional Sales

- Require cosmetic space adaptations

- Incur in OPEX (operational costs)

- High initial investment

Start selling on a Vending Anything Machine

Smart Vending Machine

Anything Vending Machine

Doesn't require cosmetic space adaptations


Low investment cost, which allows to have many vendings at the same time.

Start selling on a Vending Anything Machines
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